Powered by Fairytale Town and located at Maple Neighborhood Center, the Sacramento Adventure Playground is a free after-school youth development program for ages 6 to 15.

The Adventure Playground is open for after-school play! Check our hours of operation. Participation is free, but youth must be registered by a parent to participate.

Help support the Sacramento Adventure Playground! Donations for the Playground can be made through Fairytale Town’s website.

What’s Happening – We’re Open!

Community Day for children 5 & Under for June 12 will be 10am-12pm.   Community Day page for more information

Reservations are now only required when there is 5 or more children (a normal procedure).  Unless noted, adults, other than staff and cleared volunteers, are not allowed within except for a few minutes of observation.  Masks are required by all and will be until all children are allowed to be mask free. 

These are our critical health procedures:

  • Note that protocols change depending upon the health tier and updated guidelines from the State and County.
  • Limited to 45 youth.
  • Parents may not stay within the Playground.  When waiting outside for a pick-up or just quickly checking on your child you must wear a mask and 6′ social distance.  Ok to come within for a few minutes to observe.
  • Any youth or staff entering must:
    • Had temperature checked by parent and no high fevers.
    • Hands washed immediately upon entry.
    • Observe social distancing (as best that youth can).
    • Observe all off-limit play, items and other health imposed criteria/objects.
  • Play is mostly OUTSIDE play only.  Limited inside activity.
  • In accordance with State ruling face masks must be worn
  • Youth must bring their own refillable water bottle with their name clearly written on it.  Refills available.

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