All ‘Bout ‘Bots Camp

Tuesday – Friday
June 20 – 23
11 AM – 2:00 PM

Tuesday               Electronic Circuits and Code Scavenger Hunt
Wednesday         Hydraulic Robotic Arm, Day 1 and Robot, Follow Order
Thursday             Hydraulic Robotic Arm, Day 2, and Orienteering
Friday                  Build A ‘Bot and Water Relays & Fun

Tuesday – We’ll open with understanding basic electric circuits.  Using alligator clips the kids will get power to a motor and light, using different combinations.  For exercise we will add in a ‘coding’ element into the scavenger hunt.

Wednesday – Perhaps the featured enrichment of our summer camps.  Using syringes and cardboard the campers will make a hydraulic robotic arm.  For physical play youth will be challenged to apply short directives to their human robot to accomplish a task to grasp a basic component of coding requirements.

Thursday – Yesterday was making the parts for the hydraulic robotic arm.  Today they will make it functional.  Even with modern GPS phones kids need an understanding of how a compass works.  We’ve broken it down to simple understanding in Orienteering.

Friday – It’s a silly art robot build, but it allows for good understanding of how a robot is made.  In our Friday tradition we will finish the camp with some fun water play.

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Each camp hands out a certificate of completion to each camper!