Homeschool Enrichment Program

The Maple Collaborative of Sacramento Adventure Playground, 916 Ink and La Familia is proud to offer a Homeschool Enrichment Program four times per year.  All programming is on the Maple Neighborhood Center campus. The Sacramento Adventure Playground is the lead and coordinating agency.

Sacramento Adventure Playground will provide an enrichment component featuring a one SCIENCE and one ART activity per week, PHYSICAL PLAY featuring structured movement within sports basics, fitness and/or fun games, and Play & Social Time utilizing our unique setting.

916 Ink’s Creative Writing Workshop on Wednesdays will allow youth to express themselves through the written word in a safe and positive environment.

La Familia will provide a one-hour STEM program on Thursdays. Kids will have fun with coding, computer science, engineering and science experiments.

2020 Schedule

Winter Session:  February 13 – March 19.
Spring Session:  April 23 – May 28 (this is a REVISED schedule – structured portion is April 29 – May 22 for vouchers).
Fall Session:  September 3 – October 8.
Late Fall Session:  October 15 – November 19.

Session Schedule

Week 1

Play & Social Time 12:00-2:00 PM

Weeks 2-5

Imaginarium  –  12:00-1:00 PM
Physical Play  –  1:00-1:30 PM
Play/Social  –  1:30-2:00 PM
Enrichment  –  12:00-12:40 PM
Play/Social  –  12:40-1:30 PM
STEM  –  1:30-2:30 PM
Enrichment  –  12:00-12:40 PM
Physical Play  –  12:40-1:20 PM
Play/Social  –  1:20-2:00 P

Week 6

Play & Social Time  12:00-2:00 P

NEW! Homeschool Student Aide
Teen students can enjoy the Maple Collaborative Homeschool Enrichment Program and learn the benefits or assisting younger students by becoming a Homeschool Enrichment Student Aide.

Aides will assist the staff and volunteers in the implementation of the programming, often working one-on-one with younger students guiding them through the learning process.  During “Free Time” Student Aides will assist with clean-up, preparation and some free time of their own.

Student Aides are to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start.  Ending time is the scheduled program end time.  Students must be of enough maturity and    ability to aid younger students in the variety of courses offered.  For students 8th-12th Grade.

Sacramento Adventure Playground, (916) 222-3831 or, (Steve Caudle, Play Manager)


For a daily schedule of activities: Maple Homeschool Class Listing 2019-20
For a description of Sacramento Adventure Playground Enrichment and Physical Play Activities: Maple Homeschool Class Listing 2019-20 REVISED
For the Maple Collaborative Homeschool Enrichment Flyer:
Enrollment Form:  Enrollment Form Homeschool Enrichment 2019-20 pdf
Enrollment Form Homeschool Enrichment 2019-20 Word

Homeschool Sessions are open to youth in Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Targeted teaching level will be for 3rd through 6th grade.  Students may be broken up into two age-appropriate groups.


$215 per child if registered 2 weeks prior to class start
$225 per child if registered within 2 weeks of class start
$10 off discount for siblings
Flexible Scheduling and pricing available.  Space is limited, and advance registration is encouraged.
$100 per Student Aide (younger sibling discount only)

For State Payments: The Sacramento Adventure Playground is a vendor for the charter schools listed below. If your charter school is not listed, you may still be eligible. Please call the Playground at (916) 222-3831 for more information.

  • CORE Placer
  • Horizon Charter Schools
  • Inspire Schools
  • South Sutter (Innovative Education Management)
  • Visions in Education

For the following schools and others we will gladly provide a detailed receipt for reimbursement to you.

  • Heritage Peak Charter School
  • Pacific Charter Institute
  • Sutter Peak Charter Academy
  • Valley View Charter Prep


Homeschool Play Days

Fridays, February 7, April 3, September 4, & October 9.
11:30 AM – 2:15 PM
$5 per participant

All homeschool students are invited to enjoy exclusive creative play.  Participants may extend their stay into the regular public programming time. Advance registration is not required. If you are new to the Playground this is your chance to check us out, and to consider enrollment in our above Homeschool Enrichment Program that starts the following week.  Come as an individual or a group of 10 or less (larger groups must notify us in advance).  Kindergarten to 15yrs.  Younger siblings okay (parent chaperone required, 2yrs- free).

Is this program appropriate for my child?
We do not judge or grade.  Our primary goals are to get students to think, build team/partner concepts and provide a time and place for physical exertion.  We have found that our structure is very conducive to all levels.  As an example, a higher-grade student may be able to make a very workable catapult, whereas for some younger students it may end up more as an art project.  And that is okay, because through “failure” (“experience”) research shows students often learn better by using inducive thinking to achieve a goal by a method that we as an adult did not consider.  Or, as another example, writing ideas for a book may mean drawing pictures.

There are, however, certain parameters that we feel are important.

  • Students must not be disruptive. We know some students can get overwhelmed and need some quiet time.  That is okay, but it must be quiet time, and not engage in an activity that is distractive to the rest of the class.  Student must remain in eyesight of staff (if we are inside, student must remain inside).
    • The youth writing class by 916 Ink and the STEM program by La Familia do not have the facility to allow a student to become disengaged as much as the class time within the Adventure Playground (the majority of the class time). For these two classes students needing a break may need to remain at or near their table.  On an infrequent basis, students can come back to the Playground for quiet time on Wednesdays, or on Thursdays come back and be part of the public play time (must be escorted).
  • It is okay for the parent or a student aide to be present and to assist your child. This is a good idea if your child needs several breaks.
  • Students must be able to appropriately socialize with others. No hitting, kicking or use of bad words.
  • Students must be willing to try. Again, breaks are okay, but overall some participation is necessary.
  • At least two staff members are present. Plus, on most occasions we have a Sac State Intern or an older student from the Teacher’s Aide program.  The intern and aide are often assigned to assist the younger students more.
  • If your child has special needs the listed parameters remain the same.

From the Parents:
In our primary program of out-of-school play one of the fundamental principles of adventure playgrounds is play without parents.  The Homeschool Program is a hybrid approach and the following are guidelines for parents.

  • During the Homeschool portion it is okay for parents to be present (some charter schools require it).
  • Help directed towards your child should be of a unique nature due to special circumstances or “passive”. If your child does not need special help, but you would like to assist, we always can use general help directed equally to all students or those in need.
  • Do remember the words of the great Jedi Master Yodi in your assistance; “Greatest teacher failure is.”
  • During “free time” we ask that your child be allowed to play without direction. If you stay into the public play period, we encourage you to be absent, or at least remain in the background.  Remember adult presence also affects the play of other children.  FYI staff is trained on how to not interfere with child driven play.  Plus, they get so used to staff that staff are often in the background to them.