Summer Camp

The Sacramento Adventure Playground is excited to present six summer camp programs in 2021!

Adventure Summer Camps for Ages 6 – 15*

We view that the keys to youth learning are keeping it simple and making it fun.  There’s a lot of science, engineering, and art (STEAM) behind our enrichment activities, but with an emphasis to keep it at an understandable kid level.  One that they can relate to by using common and/or simple materials.  We do not want them to build a “pretty robot” that amounts to plugging in factory ordered parts, but rather use a couple of factory parts surrounded by recognizable materials, such as cardboard and hot glue.  Our second module is called ‘Physical Play’, as physical exercise should be fun for kids.  Our goal is to have the kids exercising without realizing what they are doing is ‘exercise’.  Many of these physical games we play have an element of thought and teamwork woven into it.  These types of elements are often found in corporate job training/enhancement conferences to encourage teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking.

Extended care is available, including free programming and lunches.  See below for details including detailed listing of the daily activities.

Two new Camps this year offer a different time slot philosophy.  A Tuesday through Friday Camp will be in a time slot of 11am-2pm themed as All ‘Bout ‘Bots.  This camp will follow the traditional Enrichment-Physical Play-Free Play schedule.  A Cosplay camp will be offered over a two-week period consisting of 8 days x 75 minutes (Tuesdays-Fridays).  Both camps will have the regular free Play program starting right after for those wanting to stay and play.

Adventure Summer Camps

Engineering Camp: Planes & Rockets
Monday – Friday
June 21 – 25
9 AM – 12 PM
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Cosplay Camp
Tuesday – Friday
June 29 – July 2 & July 6 – 9
1 – 2:15 PM
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All ‘Bout ‘Bots Camp
Tuesday – Friday
July 20-23
11 AM – 2 PM
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Fort Building Camp: Tool Shed
Monday – Friday
July 26-30
9 AM – 12 PM
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Fort Building Camp: Tool Shed Sponsored by: Habitat for Humanity


Fort Building Camp II: Tool Shed
Monday – Friday
August 2-6
9 AM – 12 PM
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Whacky Science Camp
Mon. – Fri. August 9-13 
9 AM – 12 PM
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All camps are themed around the adventure play concept.  Activities will be divided between an ENRICHMENT, GROUP PHYSICAL PLAY and FREE PLAY.

Typical Daily Schedule (subject to change/variances).  Breaking into two groups can split the free play into two separate time slots.

Enrichment                        –             75 minutes
Break                                   –             10 minutes
Group Physical Play         –             45 minutes
Free Play                            –             50 minutes


Five Day Camp – $155.
Four Day Camp – $135.
Eight Day Camp – $110

  • The Early Drop-Off Option is $5 per camper per day (Monday-Fridays, 9am-12pm Camps). NEW LOWER PRICE!
  • Friday Bridge Program is $10 per camper (Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm Camps).

Mail or In Person at the Playground (no added fees).  Cash or Check Only (payable to Fairytale Town).  Mailing address (differs from our physical address: Attn:  Sacramento Adventure Playground, Fairytale Town, 3901 Land Park Dr., Sacramento, CA. 95822.)
Space is limited.

Registration form: 
Adventure Camp Enrollment Form: Word
Adventure Camp Enrollment Form: PDF


Early Drop-Off
Need to drop-off your child before 9am to get to work on time?  Add the Early Drop-Off option to your camp order, and you can drop off your children starting at 7:45am. The Early Drop-Off option is available for $5 per day.  Normal drop off is no earlier than 8:50am.  Available only for the M-F, 9am-12pm Camps.

Summer Lunch
Supervised Summer Lunch program by La Familia offers free traditional organized youth activities and lunch.  The lunch program is Monday through Thursday, 12:00 –2:30pm. Youth will be escorted to the program and back. This is operated by a La Familia Counseling Center. You must register through La Familia in advance.

La Familia Counseling Center, Phone: (916) 452-3601

 Friday Bridge Program (M-F Camps)
The Playground will offer a special program on Friday from 12pm – 2:15pm for an additional $10 per youth, making availability on this day 8:50am – 6:30pm (7:45am for those registered for the Early Drop-Off).  Campers must bring their own lunch on Friday (check with us as free lunches may be available).

Playground Hours
The Playground is open to the public Tuesday through Friday 2:15 – 6:30pm.  This allows extended and even free extra time for much of the day.  Confused on programming hours?  Check out this easy to read Camp Entire Day Matrix.

Age Appropriateness
Ages 6-15.  Camps are designed for a wide age range with the enrichments allowing a great deal of freedom for campers to enjoy success at their own age level.  A younger’s child science project could lean more towards an art project whereas an older camper will have the ability to create a more sophisticated build.  Campers may also be divided into age groups.  Campers will at times be working independently and need sufficient maturity and skill level to accomplish an activity and to abide by all Playground rules.

Food and Drink
Each 3hr camp day will have a snack and the ever-popular snow cones.  Campers are to bring their own water bottle (refills available).  For any stay overs, additional brought snacks and/or lunches are encouraged (free lunches may be available).

Coming to free play days & the themed summer camps are some of my child’s favorite things to do – none of the other summer camps he’s been at have really engaged him or excited him as much as those at Sacramento Adventure Playground.  He comes home tired and exited to tell us what he did. Parent 2020

I was soooo happy when I found out I could go.  We thought the camp was full but then we got the call and I was jumping up and down!  We were really excited for this camp because we love making things and building, and putting things together. Camper 2020

Questions:  Please contact the Playground (916) 222-3831 or