Summer Camp

The Sacramento Adventure Playground is excited to present three one-week summer camps in 2020!


Adventure Summer Camps for Ages 6 – 15*

Dinomania: June 22 – 26  FULL – NO WAITING LIST AVAILABLE
9 AM – 12 PM

Castle Fort Building Week: July 27 – 31   FULL – WAITING LIST ONLY 
9 AM – 12 PM

Engineering Week: August 10 – 14   FULL
9 AM – 12 PM

Camp registration was expanded June 20.  The above reflects each camp’s status.

NOTE:  Due to health precautions and additional programming uncertainties the following is being implemented for Camps in 2020.

Possible Alternative Afternoon Camp Programming.
Additional reduced or free childcare is available after camp.  However, these programs follow different guidelines and their status is less certain with the coronavirus health restrictions.  If these afternoon programs are canceled we will offer the below for extended childcare after 12:00pm camp ending time.  Please see Camp Entire Day Time Matrix 2020 for details of the afternoon program on the website.  UPDATE:  The regular free play program 2:15-6:30 Tuesday-Friday is starting again beginning June 18.

Please note that any sign-ups must be flexible in being picked up depending upon what programming happens after camp.  There will be no refunds for anyone withdrawing because of any programming change outside of the Camp itself (9:00am-12:00pm).

12:10pm – 6:00pm Extended Care

$2.00 per hour, per day, per child (new hour starts at 1 minute past the hour).  Day of extension requests will only be accepted if another child has committed to extended care for that day.  Campers staying beyond 1:00pm must have a sack lunch provided.

Coronavirus Precautions and Notes

  • Only pay the Camp fee at this time.  We will contact you for the administration of any additional programming after camp ends (12:00pm)
  • Camper numbers may be limited (possibly as low as 12). Registration is first come, first serve.  If the Camp is closed a Waiting List (via email ) can get you in if the restrictions are eased.
  • Campers or staff are to withdraw from the program if they or any immediate family member have been exposed to anyone with the coronavirus within the last two weeks.
  • Campers and staff will be checked for any illness upon entry.
  • Extended disinfected cleaning will occur prior to camp start.
  • No other persons allowed within the facility, including parents. Children will be checked in at the gate.  Parents are to call when they arrive, and staff will have children at the gate.
  • All campers and staff are to wash and disinfect upon arrival, and once every hour after that.
  • Campers will be continually reminded of the need for safe health practices, including social distancing.
  • Masks are encouraged. This may become a requirement.  All campers are to arrive with a mask.
  • Sack lunches must be in separate containers. No microwave or refrigeration is available.  No sharing of food/drink.  As always, please no junk food.  Each camper must provide a reusable water bottle with name clearly marked on it (no single use containers please!).  Water fill-ups are available
  • If the free public SAP playtime starting at 2:15pm is available, but attendance numbers restricted, priority will be given to campers.
  • The Summer Lunch program (M-Th, 11:30am-2:30pm) is done by a separate entity. Please see La Familia for operation status, restrictions and guidelines on their program.

These guidelines can change as deemed necessary.  Operation of summer camp are considered essential for childcare.

Fees & Registration

  • Registration $155.
  • The Early Drop-Off Option is $10 per camper per day
  • Friday Bridge Program is $10 per camper

Register by mail, at the Playground or Email/Phone.  Cash, VISA/MC or check only (payable to Fairytale Town).  Mailing address (not our physical address: Attn:  Sacramento Adventure Playground, Fairytale Town, 3901 Land Park Dr., Sacramento, CA. 95822.)  Email in form ( and call in credit card (916-222-3831).  Space is limited.

Registration form:
Adventure Camp Enrollment Form 2020 (pdf)
Adventure Camp Enrollment Form 2020 (Word)

Program Add Ons

Early Drop-Off
Need to drop-off your child before 9 AM to get to work on time?  Add the Early Drop-Off option to your camp order, and you can drop off your children starting at 7:30 AM. The Early Drop-Off option is available for $10 per day.  Normal drop off is no earlier than 8:50am.

Summer Lunch
Supervised Summer Lunch program by La Familia offers free traditional organized youth activities and lunch.  The lunch program is Monday through Thursday, 12:00  – 2:30 PM. Youth will be escorted to the program and back, if returning to the Adventure Playground. This is operated by a La Familia Counseling Center. You must register through La Familia in advance.

La Familia Counseling Center
Phone: (916) 452-3601

Friday Bridge Program
The Playground will offer a special program on Friday from 12 PM – 2:15 PM for an additional $10 per youth, making availability on this day 8:50 PM – 6:30 PM (7:30am for those registered for the Early Drop-Off).  Campers must bring their own lunch on Friday.

Playground Hours
The Playground is open to the public Tuesday through Friday 2:15 – 6:30 PM.  This allows extended and even free extra time for much of the day.  Confused on programming hours?  Check out this easy to read time matrix:  Camp Entire Day Time Matrix 2020

Campers will at times be working independently and need sufficient maturity and skill level to accomplish an activity and to abide by all Playground rules.

Questions:  Please contact the Playground (916) 222-3831 or

Camp Descriptions

All camps are themed around the adventure play concept.  Activities will be divided between an ENRICHMENT, GROUP PHYSICAL PLAY and FREE PLAY.

Typical Daily Schedule (subject to change/variances)
Enrichment                        –              9:00-10:15
Break                                   –              10:15-10:25
Group Physical Play         –              10:25-11:10
Free Play                            –              11:10-12:00

June 22 – 26: Dinomania
Day                         Enrichment                            Physical Play
Monday                 Types & Egg Fun                    Crazy Relays
Tuesday                 Fossil Dig                                 Dig Site Mud Wars
Wednesday           Impressions & Bites              Jungle Escape
Thursday               Dino Sculpture & Bones       Scavenger Hunt
Friday                    Spitting Dino Sculpture        Dino Ice & Water Relays

It’s dinosaur week!  Shhh….Don’t tell your kid, but there’s science and exercise mixed in with the fun.  Detail Description:

  • Monday: Discuss various types of dinosaurs, including comparing to the still existing most vicious creature ever.  Build dinosaur eggs and hatch them.  We’ll use our whacky minds to come up with some “Crazy Relays”
  • Tuesday: A Fossil Dig, including some real animal bones and items that will break if not careful.  If you have a “dig site” a Mud War is sure to break out.
  • We’ll learn how impressions are made with various body parts including biting.  A form of Capture the Flag morphs into a Jungle Escape.
  • Create an individualized cardboard dinosaur sculpture and, separately, identification of various types of animal bones.  A dinosaur themed Scavenger Hunt.
  • Finish the sculpture and do a cool science activity to make it “spit”.  Camp will end with water fun., including uncovering ice fossils.

July 27 – 31: Fort Build Week
Day                        Enrichment                      Physical Play
Monday                Tool Basics                        Indiana Jones
Tuesday                Team Castle Build           Run Match Game
Wednesday          Team Castle Build           Team Bean Bag Toss
Thursday              Team Castle Build          Court Soccer
Friday                   Jig Saw (real)                   Water Relays & Fun

We’ll start with the basics, as a team build a castle type fort using real construction techniques & end with jig saw cutting components. Detailed Description:

  • Monday.  We’ll learn what tools are for what, the proper techniques for using them and safety, including operating a power miter saw.  Indiana Jones is a team game where they must memorize a maze path and learn that acting as a team is a big advantage.
  • Tuesday.  Using proper building techniques, the youth will begin their Castle Fort Build.  Run Match Game is a hidden pair matching game, but played on a large scale where running greatly assists your team.
  • Wednesday.  Day 2 of the Castle Fort Build.  In Bean Bag Toss the team must figure how to go from the start to finish tossing the bean bag in line order.  Drop it and you start over.  They will have to act as a team to figure out the best method.
  • Thursday.  Day 3 of Cast Fort Build.  Soccer play on the newly converted Maple tennis courts (similar to indoor soccer)
  • Friday.  Finishing touches on the Castle, including operating a power jig saw to make detail cuts.  Camp will end with water fun.

August 10 – 14: Engineering Week
Day                       Enrichment                          Physical Play
Monday               Catapults                               Indiana Jones
Tuesday               Circuit Game                        Orienteering
Wednesday         Balloon Cars                          Frisbee Golf
Thursday             Eye Lighting Sculpture       Capture the Flag
Friday                   Paper Airplanes                   Water Relays/Fun

The focus is on fun engineering projects including two electronics.  Detailed Description:

  • Monday.  Campers will make their own table sized catapults.  Indiana Jones is a team game where they must memorize a maze path and they learn that acting as a team is a big advantage.
  • Tuesday.  They’ll make a buzzer type game similar to “Operation”.  Orienteering is a team game where we will introduce compass and map reading before giving them their treasure map.
  • Wednesday.  Make a motorized vehicle in Balloon Cars.  Frisbee Golf is a great way to introduce how golf is played.
  • Thursday.  Make a clay sculpture with electronic lit eyes.  The Adventure Playground facility adds a touch that kids love to the traditional Capture the Flag game.
  • Friday.  At four different stations campers will make different paper aircraft, and then determine which of their planes are best for each of the competitions.  Camp will end with water fun