Fort Building Camp II – Youth Fort

This camp is sold out.

Monday – Friday
August 2 – 6
9 AM – 12:00 PM

Monday               Tool Basics and Indiana Jones
Tuesday               Build Techniques and Scooter Fun
Wednesday        Build Day 1 and Crazy Tools & Stuff Relays
Thursday            Build Day 2 and Horseshoes
Friday                  Paint & Pennants and Water Relays & Fun

Monday – Camp will open will a How To on about 20 different tools and some basic construction standards.  Each youth will be allowed to operate an electric miter saw (highly supervised).  Indiana Jones is a great game combining memory, hustle, and teamwork.

Tuesday – Building techniques, including wood-nail-screw selection will be a focus on this day.  Scooter Fun will consist of fun games on scooters, including hockey.

Wednesday – Build Day 1 will focus on framing and sheathing.  Staff dreams up wild things to do in Crazy Tools and Stuff Relays, including hammering and sawing.

Thursday – On Build Day 2 we’ll aim to finish the sheathing and get a roof on.  For physical play we’ll bring back the ‘ole Horseshoes game.

Friday – Final Build will focus on painting, fort bench and each camper will make their own pennant to attach to their fort as a show of accomplishment.  In our Friday tradition we will finish the camp with some fun water play.

Adventure Camp Enrollment Form: Word
Adventure Camp Enrollment Form: PDF

Each camp hands out a certificate of completion to each camper!


NEW ITEMS (updated 7-8-21)

  • SAP “Just Build It” T-Shirts available. $10. Youth sizes S-XL
  • Campers will be divided into two groups based upon age. Ages 6-8, and Ages 9-13.
  • Waiver forms for those that signed up online (only) do not have complete information on file.  Specifically, any additional adult pick-up, or permission for a child to Walk Home.  Unless an additional registration form is filled out with others listed as a pick-up only a parent can pick-up.  Do note that unless we are told there is a problem, or a child tells us that person is not their parent (or acts scared-surprised) we will assume it’s a parental pick-up. You may bring an updated form on your first day. Adventure Playground Registration Form.
  • La Familia’s Free Summer Lunch Activity Program will operate Mon-Tues-Wed, 10am-2pm. On Tuesday and Wednesday children may be transferred back to SAP at 2pm.  This is a separate agency. You must sign up in advance with La Familia. (916) 452-3601. YOU HAVE A CHOICE NOW.  SAP WILL STILL OPERATE THE 12PM-2:15 STAYOVER PROGRAM ALL WEEK. 7-8-21 Update. You must register in person during program days/hours.  La Familia Flyer
  • SAP Stayover Program Extended
    • Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.  12pm-2:15pm.  $10 per day.  Pay in person anytime in advance, including day of.  Check or cash preferred please.
    • Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.  Any child not picked up from the Stayover Program will be automatically enrolled into the free program starting at 2:15pm (open until 6:30pm.
    • Free lunches will be available.
    • IMPORTANT FOR MONDAY.  Any child enrolled in the Stayover Program must be picked up by 2:15pm. 
    • Confused? Look here for an updated easy to read Camp Time Matrix on programming available daily.
    • Extended Care Sign-Up Sheet: You may pay in advance at the Playground or pay each day. Check or cash preferred please. No reservation needed.
  • Camp gate opens at 8:50am.
  • Early Drop off 7:45-8:50am may be added anytime, including morning of.  $5 per day.  Check or cash preferred please.
  • MASKS.  In accordance with health officials, certain activities are exempt from children wearing masks.  These include outdoor activities that are wet or involve heavier breathing due to exercise.  For this Camp this will mean masks will be optional for portions of Scooter Play and any Wet Play.   We will remind constantly on social distancing needs during these periods.  Designated eating-rest areas are available during non-camp time.  More information is seemingly constantly being released so this all could change.
  • See Fort Camp II Schedule for daily itinerary.


  • Please confirm the date of your camp with your family’s schedule. 
    • Engineering:  Planes to Rockets, M-F, June 21-25.  9am-12pm.
    • Cosplay:  June 29-July 2 and July 6-9, T-F, 1:00-2:15pm.
    • All ‘Bout Bot’s:  July 20-23, T-F, 11am-2pm.
    • Fort Building-Entrance/Tool Shed: July 26-30, M-F.  9am-12pm.
    • Fort Building II, Forts, Aug. 2-6, M-F, 9am-12pm.
    • Whacky Science, Aug. 9-13, M-F, 9am-12pm (don’t forget to check your school’s start date for this camp).
  • What your child is signed up for is listed on your copy of the enrollment form or an email if registered electronically.


Please note that any sign-ups must be flexible in being picked up depending upon what programming happens after camp.  There will be no refunds for anyone withdrawing because of any programming change outside of the Camp itself (9:00am-12:00pm). 

Coronavirus Precautions and Notes

  • County COVID guidelines can change.  This is our best guess.
  • Camper numbers may be limited.  Registration is first come, first serve.  Under current guidelines 14 youth may be in a cohort.  Most camps can have two separate cohorts (Cosplay may be limited to a single cohort).  Traditionally, groups are separated by age.  This may not be possible during the pandemic.  Cohorts may be separated by those within the same social circle (i.e. family members).  We can pick out family members with the same last name, but please let us know of any others that we need to include together.
  • Campers or staff are to withdraw from the program if they or any immediate family member have been exposed to anyone with the coronavirus within the last 9 days.
  • Campers and staff will be checked for any illness upon entry.
  • Extended disinfected cleaning will occur prior to camp start.
  • It is expected that no parents will be allowed within the facility (there is generally room to bring a lawn chair next door or out back).  Children will be checked in at the entrance.  6’ social distancing needed at the gate.
  • Volunteers may be allowed depending upon the health tier we are in (screening checks will be required).
  • All campers and staff are to wash and disinfect upon arrival, and once every hour after that.
  • Campers will be continually reminded of the need for safe health practices, including social distancing.
  • Masks will most likely be required by all.  This status will be updated as necessary.  All campers are to arrive with a mask.
  • Any sack lunches must be in separate containers.  No microwave or refrigeration is available.  No sharing of food/drink.  As always, please no junk food.  Each camper must provide a reusable water bottle with name clearly marked on it (no single use containers please!).  Water fill-ups are available.  Eating areas with social distancing will be available.
  • If your child stays over into the free public play program starting at 2:15pm please note that although space may still be limited, a different set of children are coming in, and there will be no cohort separation at this point.
  • All full-time staff have been vaccinated.  PT staff vaccinations can fluctuate.
  • Tap water will probably be off-line.  Bring that Reusable Water Bottle.

STANDARD CAMP INFORMATION (THE ABOVE COVID 19 NOTES SUPERCEDE ANY OF THE BELOW).  We are including it as general information or that restrictions may ease and we will go back to regular programming.

  • About 1-2 weeks out from your camp, detailed information, including an itinerary, will be emailed.
  • Gates open at 8:50am.  Children must be picked up no later than 12:10pm.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle with your child’s name on it.  Refills with fresh water is available.  Please no disposable water bottles.  Tap water is available.
  • Extended Care is available.  This is FREE or low cost.
    • La Familia Summer Luncheon Program.  Monday-Thursday, 12n-2:30pm.  FREE.  Same facility, but separate agency.  Children escorted to and from.  Must pre-register with La Familia.
    • Early Drop Off.  7:45am.  Okay to bring a breakfast. $5 daily fee.  Pre-registration is encouraged.  Guaranteed acceptance if done one SAP business day in advance (for Mondays, you must register directly with staff by Saturday). We will only accept late drop-ins if other youth are registered (and staff assigned).
    • FREE public afternoon play time at the Playground Tues-Fri, 2:15-6:30pm (and Saturdays 11am-4pm)
    • Friday Cross-Over Program.  Since there is no Summer Lunch on Fridays, for $10 campers can stay at the Playground from the end of Camp (12n) to the start of the public play time (2:15pm).  You may register anytime for this programming, including day of.  Bring a sack lunch.  Generally, SAP will have free summer lunches available (donated courtesy of La Familia), but there is no guarantee.
    • Confused? Look for Camp Entire Time Matrix 2021, under Playground Hours for an easy to read listing of what is available.
  • Structure.
    • For 3hour Daily Camps:
      • Enrichment.  About 75 daily minutes will be dedicated to an activity themed to the Camp, in accordance with our adventure play motto.
      • Physical Play.  About 30-45 minutes will be dedicated to a physical play game.  Our desire is to tire them out while they are having fun.  Many of the games often require an element of “thinking” or “cooperation” linked to the physical exertion.
      • Free Play.  About 60 minutes dedicated to what children do best (and need the most now-a-days).
    • Cosplay Camp will be fully dedicated to making costumes.
  • Staffing
    • Camp ratio is targeted at 1-14.  Minimum two staff within the facility at all times (usually three), plus possible volunteers. 
    • Staff are Fairytale Town employees (fingerprinted).
    • During “free time” minimum one staff outside, one staff inside.
  • Questions