Fort Building Camp: Tool Shed


Monday – Friday
July 26 – 30
9 AM – 12:00 PM

Monday               Tool Basics and Indiana Jones
Tuesday               Build Day 1 and Capture the Flag
Wednesday         Build Day 2 and Crazy Tools & Stuff Relays
Thursday            Build Day 3 and Horseshoes
Friday                  Paint & Pennants and Water Relays & Fun

Monday – Camp will open will a How To on about 20 different tools and some basic construction standards.  Each youth will be allowed to operate an electric miter saw (highly supervised).  Indiana Jones is a great game combining memory, hustle, and teamwork

Tuesday – Build Day 1 will focus on framing.  We’ll start with a small-scale wall done individually for them to understand the construction concept, moving on to the actual walls working in teams.  Capture the Flag is a very popular game at the Playground.

Wednesday – Build Day 2 will focus on finishing the framing, sheathing, and starting the roof.  Staff dreams up wild things to do in Crazy Tools and Stuff Relays, including hammering and sawing.

Thursday – On Build Day 3 we’ll finish to roof, construct, and mount the door and other finishing touches.  For physical play we’ll bring back the ole Horseshoes game.

Friday – Final Build will focus on painting, tool mounts and shelves and each camper will make their own pennant to attach to the shed as a show of accomplishment.  In our Friday tradition we will finish the camp with some fun water play.

Adventure Camp Enrollment Form: Word
Adventure Camp Enrollment Form: PDF

Each camp hands out a certificate of completion to each camper!