Homeschool Play Day

Fridays, February 5 (pandemic canceled), April 2, & September 3
11:30 AM – 2:15 PM

$5 per participant

In addition to our Homeschool Enrichment Program, homeschool students are invited to enjoy exclusive creative play. Participants may extend their stay into the regular public programming time. Advance registration is not required. If you are new to the Playground this is your chance to check us out, and to consider enrollment in our Homeschool Enrichment Program that starts the following week. Come as an individual or groups of 10 or less (larger groups please contact the Playground in advance). Kindergarten to 15yrs. Younger siblings okay (parent chaperone required, 2yrs & Under – free).

Special Notes for April 2:

  • Reservations are strongly encouraged as we do have capacity limits.  We don’t anticipate this being an issue tomorrow, but this is one of the those programs that has been in hiatus for a year so we’re not sure what to expect.  Call (916) 222-3831 or email  Reservations made by 10am are in.
  • $5 per child.  Cash or check preferred. Those enrolled in the Enrichment Program are free.
  • Parents are allowed within, but must stay back in the ‘parent zone’.  Or follow standard adventure play rules and get some coffee or something.  Good idea to bring a lawn chair and take up a seat next door if you stay.
  • Masks required for all – 100% enforced.
  • Bring your own water bottle.  Water fountains are closed.  We do have refills.
  • We do have a limited supply of school lunches available (there is an eating area with fixed seating).
  • Open free public play starts at 2pm (until 6:30pm).  Okay to stayover, but no parents at all within the facility at this time. 
  • Play is mostly outside.  Inside is limited to critters and a few individualized craft stations.