Girl Scout Programs

Earn your Scout Badge at the Sacramento Adventure Playground!

Girl Scout Workshops are an easy and fun way to earn a Badge. Let’s us do all the hard work (you deserve a break). We are experts at providing youth friendly STEAM programs and our playground has excellent resources to satisfy all material needs while providing a fun atmosphere. Plus, at the conclusion of the program the girls can stay and play (for free)!

Each two-hour workshop will fulfill all badge requirements and include a snack. Girl Scouts will receive their badge at the conclusion of the event.

COVID NOTE: Girl Scouts is authorizing these programs and they are a go! COVID practices are in place, including: By agreement with Girl Scouts Outside Only, Masks required (100% enforced for all), no more than 1 Parent per family and must be away on the sidelines, No Siblings (parent can do a drop-off – preferred). Free public play starts at 11am. Welcomed to stay, but regular “play” COVID practices are in play at this time forward. For more information.

Girl Scouts

BrowniesMechanical Engineering: Fling Flyer – Added due to demand.
Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022
9 – 11 AM
JuniorsMechanical Engineering: Cranes – (Full – Waiting List Only)
Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022
9 – 11 AM
Programming Information
JuniorsMechanical Engineering: Balloon Cars
Saturday, Feb. 19
9 – 11 AM
Programming Information
DaisyMechanical Engineering: Roller Coaster – FULL.
Saturday, April 2, 2022
9 – 11 AM
Saturday, April 23
9 – 11 AM
FULL – Waiting/Interest List Only.
Programming Information
JuniorsMechanical Engineering: Robotics
Saturday, May 21, 2022
9 – 11 AM
Programming Information
BrowniesMechanical Engineering: Fling Flyer
Saturday, December 3, 2022
9 – 11 AM
JuniorMechanical Engineering: Cranes
Saturday, December 10, 2022
9 – 11 AM

Got a desire for an additional Workshop for your Troop? Let us know!

COVID Precautions

Effective March 12 all Girl Scout activities will follow the COVID procedures as listed on the Welcome Page.

Registration & Fees

Please use the following form to register. Registration may be done by email, mail or in person at the Adventure Playground. See form for payment details. Leaders email Steve about Troop payment.

Registration Form (PDF)

Registration Form (Word)

Fee: $15 per scout. Cost includes the badge and snack.

All badge/belt loop requirement will be done during the two-hour workshop by staff or volunteers (Leaders – you just get the scouts to the Playground!) Badge/belt loops will be available on-site and are included in the fee. All materials will be provided. Snack provided. Participants are encouraged to stay for regular programming starting at 11am.

Playground Registration form can be found on our Visit Page This is needed for first timers to the Playground who’s parent is not staying on site.