Whacky Science Camp

Monday – Friday
August 9 – 13
9 AM – 12:00 PM

Monday               Colors, Glow & Slime and Run Match Game
Tuesday               Paper Speaker & Bouncy Ball & Horseshoes
Wednesday         Water Lifting and Frisbee Golf
Thursday             Chain Reaction & Density and Scooter Fun
Friday                   Explosions and Water Relays/Fun

Monday – Focus will be on the science of color.  Using primary to make others, glow in the dark and ever popular slime will get a color makeover.  Run Match Game combines memory, hustle, and teamwork.

Tuesday – Sound from a paper plate?  We’ll make it so, and even do a DIY Bouncy Ball too.  For physical play we’ll bring back the ole Horseshoes game.

Wednesday – Water Lifting by crafting an Archimedes Screw, Persian Water Wheel, and Siphon. Frisbee Golf is a fun way for kids to learn about golf.

Thursday – Using craft sticks campers will create a chain that explodes when the safety is pulled.  Part 2 for the day will be discovering differing density with various liquids.  Scooter Fun will consist of fun games on scooters, including hockey.

Friday – Vinegar and Baking Soda can make for some quite explosive fun, including Elephant Toothpaste and Exploding Lunch Bags.   In our Friday tradition we will finish the camp with some fun water play.

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